Publication day – the Trust-Me Travel Guide to Montenegro

LOOKING FOR A DIFFERENT KIND OF TRAVEL GUIDE? One that just tells you the good things to do? Like you’ve got a friend on your phone, tablet or reader? At Trust-Me Travel, we don’t really write guidebooks – at least, not the kind you’re used to. We think times have changed. The days of theContinue reading “Publication day – the Trust-Me Travel Guide to Montenegro”

How to make your ebook free on Amazon

It’s easy to make your ebook available for free with most of the major book distribution platforms – either directly with Apple Books or via an aggregator such as Smashwords, which distributes to Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and several others (including Apple). Simply set your price to ‘zero’ when you publish and your book willContinue reading “How to make your ebook free on Amazon”