Permission to land in Luxor

'Jules Told Me' by Jules Brown

My new travel adventure memoir, Watch Out for Pirates, is available for pre-order now (and publishes on 24 May).

Want to win an advance copy? Just nip over to my Facebook page and comment on the pinned tweet – I’m giving away 10 FREE eBook copies on 6 May.

In the meantime, here’s a sample chapter – the time I braved the skies above Luxor in Egypt on a never-to-be-forgotten hot-air-balloon ride.

Call me old-fashioned, but you’d better have a good reason for planning on waking me up at four in the morning.

“The winds are calmest at dawn,” said the travel agent, tapping his nose, in the manner of a spy announcing his arrival at a secret location.

“And the balloon is less likely to have an accident then,” he added, which was not the clinching detail he thought it was.

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Born to Travel

'Jules Told Me' by Jules Brown

It’s launch day for my new book series, Born to Travel – why not join the journey?

1 travel writer, 2 books, 5 continents, 24 countries, 53 great travel stories

You’d think a long-time travel writer would have some great travel tips. You’d think.

Hit the road with Jules – from Scotland to the South Pacific – and you’re guaranteed a great story, a good laugh and an occasional heartfelt sob. As long as you don’t listen to his advice, you’ll be absolutely fine.

It’s the job of his dreams. Get paid to travel and write about it.

Only no one told Jules that it would mean eating oily seabirds, repeatedly falling off a husky sled, getting stranded on a Mediterranean island, and crash-landing in Iran.

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Living the sweet life in Galicia

Delighted to share this interview with one of our favourite memoir authors, Lisa Wright, whose life in Galicia is vividly and entertainingly described in her book Plum, Courgette & Green Bean Tart.

'Jules Told Me' by Jules Brown

In 2007 Lisa Wright left a promising career as a UK ecologist catching protected reptiles and amphibians, and kissing frogs, to move to beautiful green Galicia in northwestern Spain. Her new memoir Plum, Courgette & Green Bean Tart is an engaging mix of anecdotes, letters, recipes and stories from the stunningly beautiful area she now calls home.I caught up with Lisa for a (virtual) chat recently and we discussed her book and the attractions of living in Galicia.

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Publication day – the Trust-Me Travel Guide to Montenegro


One that just tells you the good things to do? Like you’ve got a friend on your phone, tablet or reader?

At Trust-Me Travel, we don’t really write guidebooks – at least, not the kind you’re used to. We think times have changed. The days of the one-stop travel guide are over.

We’re all about quirky trips and one-of-a-kind adventures than plain old destinations for the sake of it. We like to weave word pictures and write inspiring features, rather than just list museums, hotels and restaurants.


In this new series launch, long-time Rough Guide writer Jules Brown describes selected trips and experiences in the beautiful Balkan country of Montenegro – from the remarkable city walls of Kotor to the spectacular train ride from Bar to Belgrade; from a stroll around royal Cetinje to a mountain walk in Lovcen National Park.

Trust us – it’s easy!

All the trips, tours and walks are easy to do on your own – with step-by-step instructions for catching the bus or train, dealing with local taxi drivers and finding a reliable place to eat.

Jules tells it like it is and works on the basis that you don’t need lots of choice – just the right choice – so his opinions and reviews are honest and helpful.

Trust-Me travel guides may be small, but they are perfectly formed – and only the price of a cup of coffee!

Ready for an adventure?

Here it is – your Trust-Me Travel Guide to Montenegro

  • An ebook guide for your tablet, phone or reader
  • Magazine-style features, rather than just destinations
  • Selected trips, tours and adventures
  • Tips, advice and recommendations for each place
  • Personally researched, honest and reliable
  • Amazing experiences – all for the price of a cup of coffee!

Available now from:
Amazon UK & Amazon US
Apple Books UK & Apple Books US
Barnes & Noble

Montenegro: Trust-Me Travel – £2.99 (€3.99, $3.99)

How to make your ebook free on Amazon

It’s easy to make your ebook available for free with most of the major book distribution platforms – either directly with Apple Books or via an aggregator such as Smashwords, which distributes to Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and several others (including Apple). Simply set your price to ‘zero’ when you publish and your book will be available to the world to download for free.

The exception is Amazon and the Kindle store, where ebooks can’t be ‘sold’ for free – although they can, if you know how; it’s just a matter of understanding the system.

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Giving away your ebook for free

You’ve written a new ebook. Congrats! That’s weeks or months of work, and then days of preparation as you format the manuscript and submit it for publication. It may be your first book, or your hundredth, but it’s still your baby, your life, your pride and joy.

So why would you decide to give it away for free? After all, lots of authors do – just take a look at the listings at the Kindle store or Apple Books and others. There are thousands of free ebooks out there, but why do authors think that it’s a good idea to give their work away for free?

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