Publication day – the Trust-Me Travel Guide to Montenegro


One that just tells you the good things to do? Like you’ve got a friend on your phone, tablet or reader?

At Trust-Me Travel, we don’t really write guidebooks – at least, not the kind you’re used to. We think times have changed. The days of the one-stop travel guide are over.

We’re all about quirky trips and one-of-a-kind adventures than plain old destinations for the sake of it. We like to weave word pictures and write inspiring features, rather than just list museums, hotels and restaurants.


In this new series launch, long-time Rough Guide writer Jules Brown describes selected trips and experiences in the beautiful Balkan country of Montenegro – from the remarkable city walls of Kotor to the spectacular train ride from Bar to Belgrade; from a stroll around royal Cetinje to a mountain walk in Lovcen National Park.

Trust us – it’s easy!

All the trips, tours and walks are easy to do on your own – with step-by-step instructions for catching the bus or train, dealing with local taxi drivers and finding a reliable place to eat.

Jules tells it like it is and works on the basis that you don’t need lots of choice – just the right choice – so his opinions and reviews are honest and helpful.

Trust-Me travel guides may be small, but they are perfectly formed – and only the price of a cup of coffee!

Ready for an adventure?

Here it is – your Trust-Me Travel Guide to Montenegro

  • An ebook guide for your tablet, phone or reader
  • Magazine-style features, rather than just destinations
  • Selected trips, tours and adventures
  • Tips, advice and recommendations for each place
  • Personally researched, honest and reliable
  • Amazing experiences – all for the price of a cup of coffee!

Available now from:
Amazon UK & Amazon US
Apple Books UK & Apple Books US
Barnes & Noble

Montenegro: Trust-Me Travel – £2.99 (€3.99, $3.99)

Published by Jules Told Me

Hi, I'm Jules – travel blogger & Rough Guides writer – sharing travel-writing tips, travel ideas and amazing places. I hope my journey can inspire your next trip, and I wish you happy travels in fascinating places

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